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Haarlem | 27 maart 2019

Breakdance programma The Floor Is Yours start in Haarlem

Today The Floor Is Yours, the breakdance program of the Youth Fund Sport & Culture in collaboration with the Dutch Breakdance League and Mad Skills, starts in Haarlem. The breakdancing scene appreciates you for what you are willing to put out, whether you are a pro or a beginner, have a big wallet or a thin one. Diversity is a given, you can be there. Under the guidance of teacher Falko de Graaf, children will start today at Triple ThreaT with 10 free lessons to learn moves that they will later take with them to the grand final: the national City vs City Battle. They can then take lessons, possibly supported by the Youth Fund.

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“It was great to see Tamar dancing on that floor, I was so proud! Everyone is appreciated, it doesn’t matter whether you have just finished lessons or are already very good. I want to teach Tamar that you can try anything and that it doesn’t matter if something doesn’t work out. It’s about discovery. And that’s exactly what she learns in these lessons” – mother of TamarĀ 


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